mQuest® 18a has arrived.
Digital surveys and data collections
are getting easier now.

The new mQuest® version 18a stands ready. Numerous optimizations above and under the hood make mQuest® 18a better and safer than ever.

Our team is working continuous to improve mQuest® for you. The new version mQuest® 18a (2018 Autum) lays the improvement focus on the mQuest® app, the SurveyManager and the technological platform. Here are our release notes with all features in detail.

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The mQuest® app.

Better than ever.

Naturally mQuest® 18a comes with many valuable optimizations. Switch seamless between two questionnaires during a survey with the new companion sheet function and utilize optimized, dynamic filters in question groups, as well as new setting options for an even better usability.

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The SurveyManager.

The mQuest® command center.

The SurveyManager provides the central touchpoint for planning and steering of all mQuest® projects and supersedes the QuestAdmin since version 18s. With mQuest® 18a fieldwork orchestration gets even more comfortable.

Technological foundation

The inner value.

More of everything: Speed, stability, security.

Numerous under the hood optimizations make mQuest® faster, more stable and more secure than ever. Starting with the modernization of the security architecture and guidelines, over system architecture optimization for better performance and scalability, to the optimized integration potential for upgraded mQuest® APIs.

One more thing …

Oracle Java is no more. Long live OpenJDK!

To deliver the best possible user experience for our clients, we build our enterprise applications on Java as a robust platform since the beginning. After a corporate acquisition Oracle changed the licensing terms and the support structure for thier Java runtime environments on short notice.

To prevent additional cost for our clients the QuestEditor will be changed in this release from Oracle Java SE Runtime to the new OpenJDK. By this change the known performance and high security standards of mQuest® will be not affected whatsoever.

For this reason, starting with the 05th of December 2018, we kindly ask you to adopt to mQuest® 18a soon and to please download and install also the new QuestEditor incl. OpenJDK as a package from our download area. The webstart version will stop working after this date.

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All new features in detail.

For anybody demanding. Here is the detailed list of all optimisations in the brand new mQuest® 18a.

mQuest® app

  • New feature: Companion Sheet – Additionally to the primary questionnaire it is possible to use a second questionnaire besides. This enables flexible switching during a survey.
  • Keyboard layout according question type (text, numbers, mail, phone etc.)
  • Optimization of dynamic filtering in question groups
  • Optimization for Apple iOS 12 and Android 9 (Pie)
  • Support for new mobile devices like iPhone XS and XR
  • Notification for not synchronized data on the start screen for an even better overview
  • Optional: Automatic synchronization at the first mQuest® app start



  • Interviewer invitation by e-mail (self-assignment of credentials, easy app configuration via link or QR code)
  • Single data set deletion in the SurveyManager
  • Forgotten-Password function
  • Numerous details optimization to improve usability


Overall improvements

  • Single-Sign-On for SurveyManager and QuestReport
  • Enterprise domain integration options via ActiveDirectory/LDAP/OpenID-Connect
  • Technical improvements for more performance, stability and security
  • Minor bugfixing


mQuest® API

  • SurveyExport API: Relational PDF-Export (export in relation to collected data)
  • Task API: Filter and sorting by task parameters
  • Online documentation under